DIGITAL ARENA in addition to having an internal team of professionals, we have partnerships with companies in the industry to provide everything needed for productions.

We have partner companies for:

  1. Rental of filming equipment, lights, and microphones.
  2. Camera and body tracking systems, LED walls, and video projections.
  3. Virtual set management systems with virtual and augmented reality.
  4. Set designs and arrangements, materials, and equipment.
  5. Logistics: agreements for catering, transportation, and accommodation.

We have partner companies for the rental of filming equipment, lights, microphones, and supports such as steadycams, cranes, dollies, and carts.

We can provide camera and body tracking systems, LED walls, and video projections, as well as all the systems for managing the virtual set with virtual and augmented reality, along with the personnel to operate them.

We have partners in the field of set designs and arrangements, materials, and equipment.

Furthermore, we have agreements for catering, transportation, and accommodation.


Thanks to our partner ADCOM Srl, we can offer everything needed for video and film productions, from cameras with resolutions up to 8K and 12K, equipped with lens sets, accessories, microphones, lights, tripods, and filming supports such as steadycams, cranes, dollies, and drones.

In the rental section, you can find a list of the equipment we can provide at https://www.adcom.it/it/noleggio/h_r_1#


The green screen backdrop paint is certified by our partner ChromaLight, featuring color consistency with anti-reflection properties, washability, and cutting-edge durability in cinematic productions.


ClassX is the all-Italian partner company that produces and develops the broadcast management system for virtual sets and augmented reality called ELITIUM. Thanks to this partnership, we can offer a more dynamic and high-performance management of the STAGE area dedicated to TV programs, talk shows, sports, and entertainment.


E’ l’azienda partner che risiede a poche centinaia di metri dalla sede DIGITAL ARENA e che detiene tutte le apparecchiature e le infrastrutture tecniche per la produzione di spettacoli ed eventi teatrali e musicali, sfilate, open days, dalle strutture in truss americana alle luci da palco e d’effetto scenografico, fino agli impianti di gestione audio.

It is the partner company located just a few hundred meters from the DIGITAL ARENA headquarters, possessing all the equipment and technical infrastructure for the production of shows and events, including theatrical and musical performances, fashion shows, open days. Their inventory includes American truss structures, stage and scenic lighting, as well as audio management systems.





“Immagini e Suoni” is our premier partner for the supply of innovative technologies, such as multi-video projection for video mapping, HD or transparent LED walls, transparent LCD screens, infrared motion sensors for interactive apps, as well as American truss structures, multi-effect stage and event lighting, and audio systems.



“L’Alfiere” is our go-to company for setting up all the scenographies dedicated to film and TV productions, as well as events such as fairs, conventions, fashion shows, open days, and theatrical performances.

From structures made of wood, steel, glass, and drywall to plastic and hi-tech materials, L’Alfiere provides us with a solution for every need.




In addition, DIGITAL ARENA provides external production support with a network of technical and artistic professionals with whom they work on a daily basis. This network includes directors, actors, cinematographers, camera operators, sound engineers, sound designers, rigging specialists, set designers, makeup artists, costume designers, as well as 3D modelers, animators, video editors, VR developers, and colorists.